Environmental Commitment

Preserving the Beauty of Grand Cayman

At Luxury Cayman Villas, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Being a small island, natural resources are not abundant on Grand Cayman. As such, when we first began purchasing and renting luxury homes on the island, we were shocked not only at the outrageously high price of electricity and water, but also at the limited the options for recycling and other eco-friendly practices. Five years ago, recycling options were almost non-existent and almost every bit of household trash ended up in the already overflowing local landfill. Now, however, companies are emerging to help usher Cayman into a much greener future.

We are doing our part by installing LED lighting in all of our villas, utilizing solar panels and wind turbines (some of the first on the island), and conducting energy audits of all our villas. We are also partnering with Cayman Junk to incorporate recycling services for glass, plastic and aluminum at our villas. Our luxury bed, bath and beach linens are extremely lightweight and more efficient to wash and dry and we are utilizing propane for power whenever possible. Tranquility Cove, our newest villa, captures rainwater in a cistern for use in irrigation. All of these environmentally friendly improvements should be in place by mid 2015.

You Can Help

Our guests can help during their stay with us by utilizing the on site recycling bins, letting beach towels air dry, turning off lights when you leave the room, keeping the AC at a reasonable level, especially when away from the villa, and the doors and windows closed when the AC is on. Our guests can also help by visiting local restaurants who support the local farm to table movement, including the Greenhouse Café in West Bay, the Brasserie in Georgetown and Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Camana Bay.