Cayman Family Vacations—Safe, Convenient, and Fun

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Beyond the requisite sun-drenched shores and family-friendly activities, safety concerns are paramount when choosing an island getaway, especially with kids in tow. Put your mind at ease knowing that Grand Cayman tops the charts as one of the safest—and friendliest—Caribbean islands. Plus, you can expect the utmost in comfort and convenience, allowing you to focus on family time and do as much—or as little—as you wish.

Safety and security on Grand Cayman

According to the 2018 Travel Risk Map, which assesses medical risks, security, and road safety, the Cayman Islands rank among the world’s safest countries. And, while the U.S. Department of State is currently advising tourists to “exercise increased caution” when visiting other popular Caribbean destinations like Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, and Jamaica, the agency continues to praise the Cayman Islands as “a safe place” overall, so you know you’ll feel comfortable and secure from the moment you arrive.

World-class healthcare

The Cayman Islands boast exceptional, comprehensive healthcare services that are on par with North American and European medical standards. You can count on top-of-the-line medical facilities with English-speaking doctors and on-staff pediatricians. Along with Grand Cayman’s state-of-the-art Health City Cayman Islands, there are two fully-equipped hospitals in the capital of George Town: CTMH | Doctors Hospital and the Cayman Islands Hospital.

For non-acute medical conditions, the island also has excellent private clinics, plenty of pharmacies for prescriptions, and readily available over-the-counter medications. Additional emergency services include a decompression chamber and a 24-hour air ambulance to Florida.

Reliable infrastructure

From mobile phone services to high-speed hotspots to reliable utilities, Grand Cayman’s advanced tourist infrastructure guarantees a worry-free vacation. Whether browsing your inbox or checking on the family pet, our communication systems provide dependable, speedy connections. Use your personal mobile phone with roaming enabled or purchase a local SIM card for cell service while on island.

Getting around Grand Cayman is also convenient. If you’re renting a car, our modern, well-maintained roads are easy to navigate. Taxis are available across the island and the public mini-bus network serves most districts, attractions, and beaches. For a day trip, hop on a plane for a 45-minute ride to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac—idyllic destinations for fishing, bird watching, and beachcombing.

Traveling during hurricane season

Getting caught in emergency weather can certainly be stressful, but the Cayman Islands rarely experience destructive tropical storms. Despite the less predictable weather during hurricane season (officially June 1–November 30), the odds are high that your Grand Cayman vacation will be hurricane-free.

Also, rest easy knowing that meteorologists can track weather systems far in advance and, if a storm does hit, our local organizations have detailed protocol for evacuations and sheltering visitors. Every Luxury Cayman Villas booking also comes with a worry-free hurricane guarantee for a full refund of any portion of your stay impacted by a hurricane evacuation.