The Ultimate Stress-Free Vacation With Ceci Johnson And Family

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Life is all about relationships and perhaps the most important are the ones with our family.

Strengthening those bonds come from experiences, like teaching a child to ride a bike or afternoon strolls with your grandkids. The LCV team sees family travel the same way – an experience that brings us closer.

Traveling as a family isn’t always easy though. We’ve been there, worrying: will there be car seats for tiny ones? Can we find trustworthy childcare so the adults can enjoy sunset cocktails? What about yummy food options for special diets?

We think of these things when we travel and know that a lot of our guests have similar concerns.

Take for instance our friend Ceci Johnson, supermom and Founder and Creative Director of Ceci New York. To celebrate her birthday, she left a very chilly New York and escaped to the warmth and sunshine of Grand Cayman with her hubby, Alan, and their kids, super smiley six year old Mason and sweet two year old Ellie.

The Johnson Cayman vacation started at their LCV ‘home’, Kaiku, in Rum Point, where the ocean is always within sight and watching sunsets is a requirement. With help from the LCV team, the family was able to enjoy fun activities together, like swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City and sunset dinners. For some adult-only time LCV arranged childcare for Ellie and her big brother in their villa, so that Ceci and Alan could explore Cayman a bit on their own.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the most the difference though: like that one brand of cereal that your son will only eat or the fresh, local coconut water that your sister-in-law has been dreaming of.

Luxury isn’t always loud and flashy, sometimes it’s simply getting what you need, when you need it, with the most convenience. Our concierge team is here for just that, so that you can enjoy the Cayman sea, sand and sun with no stress.

Family travel may not be easy but having a support system makes it easier. That’s what we want when we travel – the luxury of less stress.


When you’re not worrying about the kids or the logistics of everything you can be present in the moment.

Maybe your moments are: by the pool reading a book while your private chef prepares lunch, snorkeling with turtles as your kids build sandcastles or touring the island sampling the mudslides?  No matter which you choose you’re able to be there completely and feel the love with your loved ones.

The LCV family is always here for you, welcoming your family into ours, from the sunrise in East End to the sunset in West Bay, and everywhere in between.