5 Ways To Stay Fit & Fabulous On Vacation

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Want to keep fit and fabulous during your vacation, but not sure if it’s possible?

We know exactly how you feel!  Vacations are supposed to be exciting, adventurous and stress-free.  However, the thought of being away from your structured, everyday routine and not having access to the healthy foods and fitness classes can make you anxious.  Not to worry, we can help you get over that hurdle and make sure you have everything you need to stay happy, healthy and fit on your luxury vacation.

Here are 5 tips that make keeping fit and fabulous a no brainer on your next vacay:

  1. Order your food and snacks ahead of time

Luxury Cayman Villas provides grocery delivery services from one of our local supermarkets, which means you can arrive to a fully stocked refrigerator.  Fresh fruit juices, vegan options, gluten-free and other dietary food options are all available in Grand Cayman, so you can be well one your way to staying on track upon arrival.


  1. Bring your travel-size equipment

There is plenty of room on all our properties to create your very own workout area.  Pack your favorite yoga matt to use indoors or poolside, and those handy TRX training devices which are light and easy to travel with, so you can keep up with your regular workouts.  Jogging and walking is also enjoyed by many of our guests right from your doorstep, making it easy to keep active without the need to travel very far.


  1. Sign up for excursion

You’d be surprised how many calories a snorkelling, kayaking or caving trip can burn in just 3 hours.  Get ready for adventure on your luxury vacation and take advantage of an array of activities suitable for both adults and children including Stingray City, Coral Gardens, various private beaches, Crystal Caves, Botanical Gardens and so much more!  Ask our Concierge for more details.


  1. Hire a private fitness instructor

It’s time to get moving! Many of our guests prefer a one-on-one or private group session in the comfort of their luxury villa.  We can assist you in suggesting and organizing private workouts with a local trainer such as yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics and general fitness.


  1. Put your feet up

A week of relaxation and rejuvenation can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.  Don’t feel like you have to pack your schedule to a point where there is little down time for laying by the pool or having that fabulous massage you’ve been dreaming about.  Switch off your phone, cancel your plans and spend quality time with your family and friends in a beautiful environment, perfect for making lifelong memories in a Grand Cayman luxury rental.