World of Wellness – An Interview with Fitness Superstar Nadine Dumas

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Fitness superstar Nadine Dumas shares her top health and wellness tips and tricks to get the most out of your vacation and busy life.

Q: Who is Nadine Dumas?

Nadine Dumas – business professional, fitness model, industry influencer and full-time mother.  There are very few things this wonder woman cannot do.  A former accountant, turned health and wellness entrepreneur, Nadine’s unique approach to understanding how individuals differ when it comes to career, life challenges, health and mental well-being has built a launching pad for her global business.

She’s graced covers of numerous international magazines such as Inside Fitness, Women’s Health & Fitness and Oxygen, with features on entrepreneurial platforms such as INC. and The Huffington Post. It doesn’t stop there, she is a contributing writer for Influencive, co-owner of Luxe+Well luxury retreats and runs her own online coaching business.

Q: Where and when did you move to Cayman?

I initially moved to the warm, sunny Cayman Islands from Canada during my mid-twenties to pursue a career in accounting.  During that time, I discovered my passion for fitness and ended up entering and winning my pro card at the Caribbean Grand Prix Natural Show.  It is a moment I will never forget… it changed my life forever.  Soon after, I moved back to Canada for a few years, working tirelessly on becoming more knowledgeable in nutrition, child obesity, personal training, and health and wellness.  It was then time to head back to the Cayman Islands to begin my world-wide coaching and modelling career, which has allowed me to bring transformation and joy to many people’s lives around the globe.

Q: What is wellness coaching and how did you end up getting into it?

After spending some time in the fitness industry, I started to see the downward spiral female competitors would take after their competitions.  These were the same issues faced by many of us when we come off a typical fad diet or calorie/nutrient restricted diet, and there were very few people with the knowledge to help these women.  I felt it was my calling in a sense, to bring my own personal experiences and passion to fruition and help clients to learn what it meant to be healthy, balanced and fit.

For me, Wellness Coaching is helping people to find their own ‘super power,’ uncovering the emotional and physical setbacks and bring out the best in all of us.  We all have things we want to do better, faster and stronger, but it’s really about understanding our body as a whole and providing it with the necessary tools and nutrients to perform at its best.

Q: What does ‘healthy’ mean to you?

To me, healthy means living your best life and taking care of your body and mind.  I recently wrote an article about society’s views on the meaning of ‘healthy,’ highlighting that we cannot just look at the outward appearance, but also what is happening inside our bodies, which tells the true story of how healthy we really are.  You need to take care of the body, inside and out, as well as the mind.

Q: You are so fit and healthy… what are your top three wellness tips that keep you on track?

  1. I commit and stick to a fitness routine.  This routine has obviously changed over the years and even more so since having a child, but I make sure it’s a priority.  It’s my ‘me’ time to take an hour to myself each day and concentrate on nothing else around me other than the workout I’m doing.  For me, working out is my go-to, but fitness can be anything that you enjoy and keeps your body moving.  I never want anyone to think that fitness must be in a gym setting; it can be dancing, swimming or hiking, or anything else that gets you moving.
  2. I eat to fuel my body, I eat very healthily and I eat foods that make me feel good.  I lead a very busy life and if I am fueling my body with the wrong foods, it will slow me down, cause brain fog and not allow me to work to the best of my ability.  Food is THAT powerful!
  3. I take the time to educate myself.  Whether it is reading or listening to a lecture, I take time out each day for my own well-being which also happens to be part of my passion and career.  I am currently in the process of becoming a Professional Eating Psychology Coach because I am so fascinated with learning and helping people.  You can never stop learning and the mind needs to grow.