Discover the Good Life on Grand Cayman

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With its ribbons of white beaches, swaying coconut palms and coral reefs, Grand Cayman is indeed paradise. Enticing visitors with its natural beauty and cultural charm, Cayman also boasts a laid-back lifestyle that encourages life’s simple pleasures—healthy food, time spent outdoors, and mind and body wellness. If you’re seeking an escape from everyday chaos, a haven where you can unplug and shed your worries, look no further. Come discover the good life on Grand Cayman.

From the moment you arrive, you can set aside your stresses and slow down to “island time.” As you fall in tune with Cayman’s unhurried pace, you’ll be fully present to savor delicious food, take longer walks, deepen your conversations with those you love and value the little things that make our island unique. In fact, you might find yourself chasing daylight in an attempt to squeeze in one more amazing Cayman experience!

Farm-to-table Dining on Grand Cayman

Buoyed by the culinary trends of healthy, eco-conscious ingredients and food transparency, many Cayman restaurateurs are committed to providing the freshest possible food using island-grown produce and fish caught in local waters. You can often spy the head chefs of local restaurants selecting prime produce at Camana Bay’s Farmers & Artisans Market.

Serving up sustainable, nutritious cuisine goes beyond buzzwords at The Brasserie Restaurant & Market, a pioneer of Grand Cayman’s farm-to-table movement. Along with growing their own organic produce, The Brasserie’s private fishing boats catch daily fare and an on-site mixologist crafts farm-to-bar cocktails from homemade purees and infusions. 

Another way to connect with the land and community is at the weekly farm-to-table dinner at Cayman Cabana Restaurant. Served family-style beneath the stars, guests are treated to made-from-scratch meals that showcase locally grown food. For paleo-friendly and allergy-friendly options that are as easy on your body as they are on the planet, The Greenhouse is a great place to refuel, and Jessie’s Juice Bar offers a variety of plant-based wraps and cold-pressed juices. 

You can also bring the farm-to-table experience into your luxury villa with our in-house Executive Chef team. Enjoy healthy gourmet meals that are made with local ingredients and tailored to your group’s dietary needs by your own personal chef.

Outdoor Recreation in the Cayman Islands

If relaxing under rustling palms is your island dream, you can certainly take pleasure in a few rounds of nap, swim, eat, repeat. For more energetic pursuits, Cayman’s natural world is a haven for visitors looking to reconnect with nature or find endorphin-fueled bliss. 

Both diving and snorkeling lovers will find their home in the Cayman Islands. Sailing is also a cornerstone of the Cayman experience, and we will gladly arrange a private charter on a luxury catamaran where the staff takes care of your every need. 

Back on land, head to Cayman Crystal Caves, home to incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations. Couple sightseeing with a fun family activity during a sunrise bicycle tour with ECO Rides Cayman, or book a private or group horseback ride. Galloping a pony through the surf is an experience like no other!

Self-care, Spas and Wellness Activities

Few places in the world rejuvenate the mind and body like the Cayman Islands, where yoga studios and day spas abound. Whether meditation is your thing or you’re merely seeking some downtime in a serene setting, you’ll find plenty of ways to restore and recenter.

The gorgeous beaches of Grand Cayman provide a tranquil setting to deepen your yoga practice while taking in spectacular vistas of the Caribbean. Start your day with a private yoga session from one of our instructors on the private beach in front of your villa, or surrounded by crystal-blue waters along one of our many docks.

If you’re craving some serious “me time,” indulge in the ultimate private spa experience, and treat yourself to a luxurious relaxing massage in the comfort and seclusion of your villa. Our concierge will help arrange the perfect in-villa spa serviceon your own or a side-by-side couple’s massageto ensure you feel revitalized, balanced and oh so pampered.

Cayman’s Vibrant Local Arts Scene

A thriving arts and culture community adds another layer to the good life on Grand Cayman. From gallery displays and outdoor installations to handmade crafts, you’ll find endless opportunities to feast your eyes on colorful visual arts.

Spending time in a museum offers a chance to relax and let your imagination wander. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands hosts visiting exhibitions from local and international artists as well as a permanent collection that incorporates a variety of media. Pick up original art or a special print to commemorate your trip at Pure Art, a locally-owned gift shop with high-quality art, gifts and jewelry. Children of all ages will enjoy Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden, a delightful and unique park with super-sized sculptures of land and sea animals.

Experience the Good Life in a Luxury Villa

Whether you’re organizing a weekend escape with your girlfriends or planning a Spring Break family getaway, we invite you to join us on Grand Cayman to experience the good life. As you relish the comforts of your luxurious villa, we’ll help you settle into a gentler pace of life where you can live in the moment, focus on your relationships and breathe just a little bit deeper.


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