Luxe+Well: A New Kind of Caribbean Retreat

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Luxury Cayman Villas is proud to be hosting the Luxe+Well wellness retreat coming up on October 22-29 2017 at our stunning Point of View Villa in South Sound, Grand Cayman. We’ve invited co-owner of Luxe + Well and health and wellness entrepreneur, Nadine Dumas to provide us some insight to this phenomenal week at a one-of-a-kind health and wellness retreat in the Caribbean.

  1. How did the idea for the Luxe+Well event come about?

“Last year, I had several clients mention that it would be great if I could do a retreat in Cayman.  A retreat where they could come and spend a week learning from me, enjoy the beautiful views of the island and leave feeling refreshed and with a whole new perspective on themselves.  Wellness is in the forefront of everything these days and its growing rapidly.  Retreats are becoming more wellness focused, offering fitness, yoga, and meditation led by experts in their field.  It’s not about the free alcohol and salty/fat laden foods leaving people 10 lbs heavier and needing a vacation from their vacation.  People want to come home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, which is why Sophie and I created Luxe+Well” – Nadine Dumas, co-found of Luxe + Well.

  1. Why did you choose to host the wellness event at Luxury Cayman Villas?

“Luxury Cayman Villas is an incredible company run by some very inspirational women and Sophie and I couldn’t have thought of a better team to partner with.  The properties are the epitome of first class luxury and exactly what we were looking for in conjunction with the Luxe+Well brand.”

  1. What does the Luxe+Well event include as part of the packaged plans?

The plans include 7-nights accommodation at the beautiful and luxurious Point of View private beach villa and each room reservation includes:

  • Daily workouts to get your heart rate pumping
  • Private yoga classes hosted in the privacy of the villa
  • Paddle board yoga class with Vitamin Sea Cayman
  • 3 healthy meals each day in addition to tea, coffee and healthy snacks
  • One on one private coaching sessions with Nadine Dumas
  • Inspirational daily seminars by Nadine Dumas
  • Gourmet cooking class at Bon Vivant
  • Healthy smoothies provided by Green2Go and Cayman Breakfast Club
  • Selection of herbal teas provided by Tea Time Cayman
  • 4 course Flavour Tour of world class Camana Bay restaurants
  • Private boat cruise to world famous Stingray City; and
  • An island gift bag full of goodies!
  1. What was it about the Point of View property that brought the event to life?

“The house is perfect; it’s set on a private beach, not far from Camana Bay where we will be taking the guests daily.  The rooms are stunning and the house is laid out impeccably and suits the retreat’s needs flawlessly.  The bedrooms will easily accommodate our 14 guests, we have an area for a chef to come and prepare food while the women participate and learn, there is enough space to give the guests alone time, and not to mention a wraparound pool for swimming, jazuzzi tubs, a private beach to host workouts and yoga classes and a cozy area to host daily wellness seminars.  It’s going to be amazing!”

  1. How can you relate to busy mums that want to be healthy and happy on vacation?

“Being a mother of a busy 5-year-old boy and running my own business, plus working with thousands of women over the years, I know what women want – and need!  I think it’s safe to say that every busy mom who gets to take a vacation by themselves, or better yet, with girlfriends, wants to relax, be pampered and enjoy some peace and quiet.  We don’t ask for much and just want to enjoy some down time to think about ourselves, reset and come home rested so that we can take on the everyday hustle and bustle.  The retreat was created 100% with this in mind.”

  1. When we have only a small amount of time during the day for ourselves, what should we be focused on?  Eating healthy, fitness or overall well-being? 

“Your overall well-being. It’s incredibly important to you and those around you in order for you to function to the best of your ability on a daily basis.  Your well-being is a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, so if you can find that in the small window of time each day, you are set.”

  1. What will your private coaching and inspirational daily seminars include?

“The daily seminars will focus on the state of your well-being, personal health, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.  To be a bit more specific, some of the topics I will be bringing into the daily conversations will be on body image, weight loss, chronic dieting, binge eating, our energy and fatigue, digestive and immune health, mood, depression and anxiety.  The one-on-one private coaching will be a very casual conversation with each individual and concentrated more on where they currently are in life.”

  1. What do you hope to get out of the event?

“I hope to have each of the women leave inspired and with a new outlook on their personal well-being, but also share this experience with others and lead by example.  My goal when working with women is to help them realize how much they can inspire others by the actions they take in their daily lives to live their best life.”

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