Summer Events on Grand Cayman for Families and Foodies

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Along with chilled-out luxury and Caymankind warmth, the Cayman Islands hosts a vibrant cultural scene with many annual celebrations and festivals. Summer events on Grand Cayman are a wonderful opportunity for families to experience the spirit of Caymanian culture.

Whether relaxing by the water, exploring the buzz of Camana Bay or indulging in seafood feasts, our Cayman summer events bring people together to celebrate life and savor the beauty of paradise. If you’re visiting Grand Cayman during the summer months, we hope you join in on the fun!

Don’t miss these summertime festivities on Grand Cayman!

Batabano (Cayman Carnival) | May

Held the first week of May, Batabano (Cayman Carnival) is one of the biggest and most entertaining events on Grand Cayman. Launched in 1983, our national carnival highlights the rich cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands through a showcase of dazzling pageantry and infectious music.

Revelers can participate in an array of festivities, including a masquerade ball and an adult street parade with extravagant costumes and masquerade bands (“mas bands”). Spectators cheer and “jump,” or dance, to energetic soca and steel pan music as the parade makes its way from the West Bay Public Beach down to the center of George Town. This highly anticipated event is truly a feast for the senses!

While Batabano is decidedly for adults, the accompanying Junior Batabano parade allows children and families to experience the carnival’s excitement in a family-friendly setting. Youth dress up in colorful costumes for a mini parade and enjoy face painting, a costume contest and carnival rides.

Discovery Day | May

On the third Monday of every May, Caymanians commemorate Christopher Columbus’s discovery of our islands. During his fourth voyage to the Americas in 1503, Columbus spotted the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and named them “Las Tortugas” after the numerous turtles in the water.

Residents celebrate their heritage over the long weekend with family time, watersports and beachside picnics. For those seeking a festive atmosphere, Cayman Brac holds its annual Braccanal celebrations during Discovery Day weekend. The island’s carnival features local food vendors, soca bands and a parade with glitzy costumes and dancing.

Queen’s Birthday | June

As a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands celebrates the Queen’s Birthday with traditional grandeur. This year’s public holiday, which observes Her Majesty’s 93rd birthday, is Monday, June 10, but festivities begin on Saturday—with a procession of uniformed services personnel, musicians and youth organizations, a 21-gun salute to Her Majesty and a Garden Party on the lawns of the Governor’s House.

Flowers Sea Swim | June

Seven Mile Beach becomes a rainbow of swim caps during the Cayman Islands’ annual Flowers Sea Swim. This premier sporting event attracts swimmers of all ages and abilities—from novices to Olympic athletes—to compete in an open sea, one-mile race.

The one-mile Flowers Sea Swim 2019 takes place on Saturday, June 15, followed by more challenging 3k and 10k races on June 17. Non-swimmers and families can participate in the event, stroll along the beach and cheer on swimmers by signing up for the Walk & Watch option.

Constitution Day | July

July kicks off with fanfare and fireworks as three cultures come together to celebrate their national holidays. Along with Canada Day and American Independence Day, the Cayman Islands celebrates its own Constitution Day during this exciting three-day weekend.

Constitution Day commemorates the Islands’ first constitution, adopted in 1959, which removed the Cayman Islands from political dependence on Jamaica and granted women the right to vote. Constitution Day 2019 celebrations are on Monday, July 1.

Most locals spend the long weekend with family and friends—enjoying Sunday brunch, barbeques and community activities. Grand Cayman’s restaurants and bars have a variety of special events, and Camana Bay offers kid-friendly entertainment, including crafts, food stands and live music. The convivial weekend wraps up with a spectacular fireworks display over Camana Bay.

The Cayman Islands has a summertime event for everyone to enjoy. Our experts will help you strike the perfect balance of creating extraordinary memories while also finding relaxation in your private slice of paradise. Contact us today to learn how you can share in our celebrations!