Three celebrations in just one week

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Constitution Day, Canada Day, and the Fourth of July —


It’s no secret that Cayman is a true melting pot of cultures, with over 120 different nationalities living here together every day in harmony.

You can experience this unique mixing of cultures first-hand each year during the first week of July, as three of the most prevalent of these cultures come together to celebrate their national holidays across the island.

Between American Independence Day, Canada Day and Cayman’s own Constitution Day—which commemorates the enactment of Cayman’s first written constitution in 1959—you’ll find the majority of Cayman’s population celebrating and sharing its heritage this week.

Guests at our villas enjoyed time with family and friends, poolside barbecues, dramatic fireworks displays and planned festivities throughout Grand Cayman’s many restaurants, bars and community gathering places.

We’d love to welcome your family to our shores next year for your own summer celebration.