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Luxury Cayman Villas recently hosted top Caribbean wedding planner, Joanne Brown, at gorgeous Tatenda Villa in South Sound, Grand Cayman for a beach wedding styled dinner.  Inspired by lush greenery and the contrast in textures of delicate baby’s breath versus beautiful succulents, Joanne and her team brought magic and romance to this beautiful beachfront escape.

Joanne is the founder and CEO of Celebrations Group Ltd., a full-service wedding and event firm with 48 full-time employees: planners, designers, production crew, florists and laundry team (try washing linens for an 800-person soiree!) and CEO and Lead Designer of JVB Design House Ltd, an international company which plans, designs and produces weddings & events around the world in collaboration with global partners.  We were lucky enough to chat with her during the shoot and found out a bit more about this multi-tasking maven:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been in Cayman?

I arrived in the Cayman Islands in 1972 with my husband Mike Brown, who came to Cayman to start an ice factory to manufacture ice commercially. My mother and her entire family came from Cayman Brac, (Tibbetts and Scott families) so arriving here for the first time was a big thrill to me, as my mother and her family always talked about Cayman and how much they loved the islands. The family had to leave the Brac following the 1932 hurricane and they migrated to Kingston, Jamaica which is where I was born. I had a long career in the corporate world doing administrative work before I moved on to focus on my passion – events! I was planning events in the form of birthdays and weddings for friends and family as a labor of love for those many years in corporate but it was the encouragement from my husband that prompted me to shift gears professionally and start Celebrations.

Q: Why did you start your business?

I simply loved being part of the events and weddings that I had done previously, especially the customization – making each event or wedding personal to the client. I felt like this was a business I would enjoy, firstly, because I love to see people celebrating life and secondly, because I felt a challenge and excitement in being able to provide this service. There was also no one offering this type of service at the time. We pioneered the industry locally and we are so proud to have done so.

Q: What do you hope to provide your clients thru your wedding event/floral services?

A caring experience wherein the client’s emotional connection to the flowers they are ordering or the wedding they are planning is something they walk away feeling we truly understand and connect with. Secondly, first class professional service that lives up to and indeed beyond expectations, because every client is special and deserves the best.

Q: What sets your business a part from others (especially within the luxury market)?

Luxury can be interpreted in so many ways, but when you really come down to it, we believe luxury is what the client experiences from the moment that are in contact with your company. It is the relationship and outward professional caring interface with our clientele that really starts the whole luxury feel. It’s beyond the final look and feel of an event – it’s the entire experience that truly makes it luxurious.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about working with Luxury Cayman Villas?

We absolutely love working with Luxury Cayman Villas, as this brand totally represents what we as a company stand for and have stood for from the beginning! The team at LCV are very approachable and very forward-thinking; they embrace the local talent and artistry that makes Cayman so very special. I am thrilled that LCV continues to bring to market gorgeous properties where we can design, plan and produce fantastic weddings & events. These properties are the canvas we need to shape lifetime memories for our valued clients.

Q: Do you have a favorite villa?

They are all stunning! We love the variety and look of the various villas. I am especially thrilled that the properties each have their own mystique and character – that makes it so much more appealing to any client.

Photography Credit: Chad Munro, PictureThis Studios

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