2021 Easter Events in Cayman

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Easter is just around the corner. In a normal year this would be a peak week for tourism in the Cayman Islands, whilst many residents would take advantage of the long weekend to enjoy an overseas getaway. 

But Easter 2021 will be a little different. Visitors will not be arriving in large numbers, and residents will not be departing. Easter celebrations will go ahead, with plenty of the annual events that have become a local tradition, still on the agenda. 

Whether you’re here this year, planning for next year, or simply living island life vicariously, here is a taste of what’s in store for Easter 2021.


Easter week sees Cayman’s beaches lined with colourful tents as hundreds of locals take part in what is surely a tradition unique to these islands: Easter camping. 

The idea embraces the notion of getting back to basics and enjoying age-old pastimes like fishing, swimming and cooking over an open fire. It’s seen as a time to slow down, to appreciate the rhythms of nature, and to reconnect with family and friends. 

Of course, not everyone enjoys nights under nylon, or sand in their sleeping bags. If that sounds like you, there is always the option of a villa staycation instead – which arguably achieves the same results of slowing down and reconnecting, but in far more comfortable surroundings. 

Whether you sleep on the beach or in a luxurious suite, there are plenty of events for all ages taking place over the Easter weekend:

Cadbury’s Easter Dig – March 27

Courtesy of DMS Broadcasting, the Easter Dig takes place on Seven Mile Beach, outside Luca. Youngsters have free reign to dig in the sand for eggs which they can then redeem for chocolate treats. And the finder of the golden egg has an extra-special prize in store…

Live Music – April 2 and 3 

If a little live music helps you to get into the holiday spirit, you’ll find local musicians sharing their tunes at various venues over the weekend. On Friday evening you’ll find Danny Loops playing at Agua, and live music along with happy hour at Macabuca

And on Saturday, why not head over to Kaibo for a relaxed lunch on the beach, serenaded by Denys Carbo and his saxophone? 

Tea with the Easter Bunny – April 3, 4 & 5

The Ritz-Carlton puts on a special afternoon tea in the genteel surroundings of the Silver Palm Lounge over the Easter weekend. Families are welcome and while parents sip tea and nibble dainty sandwiches, scones and pastries, the kids will be kept entertained by the appearance of the Easter Bunny.  

Easter Brunch – April 4

Sunday brunch is an extravaganza at any time of year, but Easter is an excuse to take it to another level. With almost limitless choices of breakfast items, live cooking stations, salads, meats and seafood, cheeses and decadent desserts, all washed down with bottomless bubbles, this is a treat all round. And because brunch usually ends by 3pm there’s plenty of time to sleep it all off at the beach afterwards. 

Popular venues serving Easter brunch this year include the Boulangerie brunch at Anchor & Den at the Marriott, the extravagant feast at The Ritz Carlton, the all day (11 am to 5.30pm) brunch at Grand Old House, the local brunch at The Wharf and the perennially popular Sunday special at Agua

Cayman Cabana will be holding an alternative Saturday afternoon ‘cocktail brunch’ on April 3, with DJs and live music on the waterfront from 3pm to 7pm. 

Keep an eye on local events calendars as more Easter-themed events are likely to pop up nearer the time. 

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