Cayman Islands — Pirates’ Week for Kids

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Is there anything kids love more than pirates (apart from dinosaurs, perhaps)?

Regardless of language or culture, it seems children of all ages are endlessly fascinated and enthralled by these seafaring rebels of old.

In November of each year, the Cayman Islands come alive with color, music, dancing, fireworks, and, of course, thousands of pirates for our annual Pirates’ Week Festival! Next November, join us on Grand Cayman for this lively affair, where all but the very late night events are completely family friendly.

At the annual street festival, music stages and food stalls line all of George Town, when visitors and residents alike come dressed in their finest pirate regalia. Watch as old sailing ships commandeered by pirates sail into the capital city, come ashore, and capture the governor in a vivid reenactment of the pirate days of yore. And little ones are bound to squeal with laughter at the Cardboard Boat Race where teams construct vessels out of cardboard and try to row ashore before they sink.

To get into the spirit of the day, it’s a must to turn up in your own pirate attire. The vast majority of the public will be sporting three pointed hats, billowing blouses, parrots on shoulders and eye patches. So don’t forget to pack your outfit. Don’t have one? No problem, the Pirates Week store in George Town has you covered, with a huge choice of costumes for sale.

It’s all good, wholesome, family-friendly fun that’s not to be missed. Enjoy!


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