Why You’ll Want To Experience The Camana Bay Flavour Tour On Your Next Visit To Grand Cayman

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Experience the Cayman Islands Flavor Tour hosted by Camana Bay

The food scene in Cayman is considered to be first class, and certainly up there with any metropolitan city you can find. What’s unique to Cayman is the perfect blend of cultures, of island charm and modern dining, to create the most memorable experience.

This month we asked Janine Martins, a local Caymanian, yoga instructor, foodie and our newest LCV Contributor, to share her recent experience of the Camana Bay Flavour Tour.

“It’s your typical Wednesday evening in the Cayman Islands and I’m clinking glasses with a British Blogger and a vivacious couple from South Carolina.

The conversation sparked by us taking pictures of the Austrian white that converted my red-wine addiction into more of a flirtation. Twenty-one of us locals and visitors alike, met at The West Indies Wine Company in Camana Bay for the town’s signature “Flavour Tour”. First stop – wine tasting.

Our host, Samantha, another fellow Caymanian, welcomed us with that typical ‘Cayman kind’ and explained that the tour was originally a temporary addition to the Camana Bay events calendar.

Here we are, three years later and it has become a ‘must-do’ for foodies and anyone wanting to experience why Cayman is called the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

Like my grandfather and uncle who spent their lives at sea, we were culinary explorers. Spending 20 minutes each at 6 restaurants and bars, we were presented with delicious pairings like Mizu’s “Spicy Tom Yum Kung Soup” with local lemongrass, lime and cilantro, paired with a refreshing cocktail “Paris to Bangkok”.

I finished the entire drink, eating even the cucumber and mint garnish – seeing as much as tasting the local ingredients.

We were all happily surprised by the portion size at each stop. Thankfully Sam guided us along with a 5 minute warning of our departure, which reminded us to take another bite of Brooklyn’s “Local Vegetable Lasagna” with homemade pasta and my favourite local zucchini; as well as another sip of their “Tropical White Wine Sangria” featuring summer’s gold – mangoes.

You could almost hear the excitement from the farmer’s market, in the town centre, earlier that day. Or maybe that was just us as we got to chatting about our lives. Oh, and the cocktails of course.

The Flavor Tour only made me feel more passionately about why Cayman’s diversity of people and experiences is a such blessing.

This group of once strangers now shared stories of  family, food and travels. I met a couple who have been coming to Cayman for 14 years to dive and shared their favourite sunset spots.

There was local couple who recommended their ‘usual’ at our Gelato & Co stop.: Tiramisu and Bacio with hazelnuts on top.

With a little of ‘this’ to contrast a little of ‘that’ The Flavor Tour was a unique dining experience with equal parts food and fun. Isn’t that what makes travel so amazing in the first place?

We go outside our ‘norm’ and find that it’s experiences and the people we share them with that matter most. Here’s to creating more memories, paired with amazing food and drink!”

The Flavor Tour starts with a wine tasting at West Indies Wine Company followed by three dishes (one per restaurant) at restaurants such as Abacus, Mizu, Brooklyn and Karoo complemented by featured cocktail pairings. The Flavor Tour ends with gelato at Gelato & Co. before winding down the evening at The King’s Head with a digestif.

The Flavor Tour occurs from 5:00-7:00pm each Wednesday at Camana Bay and is fantastic value of only US$88 per person.

We would be happy to book your group on the Flavor Tour during your stay. Please email us at [email protected] today!