Singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder films “Overthinking” on Grand Cayman

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Cayman’s stunning, natural beauty draws filmmakers, artists and entertainment professionals from across the globe. This spring, Luxury Cayman Villas welcomed the newest songstress to Grand Cayman’s thriving artist community—13-year-old singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder—to film her debut video at “Evolution.”


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Luxury Cayman Villas’ “Evolution” sets the scene for pop music video

Cloe and her team visited Grand Cayman to film a music video for her debut single “Overthinking.” The eagerly anticipated music video was released in May to honor Mental Health Awareness Month. In discussing her new single, Cloe said, “We shot it in Grand Cayman, which is a really special place for me. I wanted the video to be special. I’m excited to hear how it makes people feel.” Set on the shores of Bodden Town, the dramatic music video for “Overthinking” showcases Luxury Cayman Villas’ breathtaking “Evolution.”

Like many singers of her generation, Cloe got her start singing covers of hit songs on YouTube before releasing “Overthinking,” making the leap from budding novice to confident singer-songwriter. Tapping into her desire for more socially conscious pop, Cloe’s songs address mental health issues and powerful emotions that relate to her listeners. She draws inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Ariana Grande and Sasha Sloan, female singers who are creating a new pop narrative with their melancholic, honest lyricism.

“Overthinking” was directed by Cayman native Frank E. Flowers (“Haven,” 2004) and recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jason “JG” Gilbert and multi-platinum record producer Jayme David Silverstein.

Photo by: Chalisa Singh


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