Tourist Attraction – Stingray City

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A series of shallow sandbars found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman, Stingray City is a tourist attraction that fascinates thousands of tourists ever year.  The southern stingrays are found in abundance in this special area, a natural channel that passes through the barrier reef, where visitors can pet and interact with the animals.

There is a wide variety of companies offering Stingray City excursions, which all have their own unique features.  Passengers disembark and enter the shallow water to interact with the rays with assistance of the boat proprietors who usually bring along a bucket of squid meat to feed the animals.  Visitors can easily pet the smooth and silky rays, while standing in only 3 feet of water and taking pictures at their leisure.

Generally, most excursions also include 1-2 additional stops for snorkeling along the reef, so you get the full experience of the crystal clear waters and abundance of marine life.

If you are interested in scheduling an individual, group or private charter to the famous Stingray City Sandbar whilst on your next vacation, contact our Luxury Cayman Villas Concierge to find out more.