Mulitgenerational Travel – A Trend That’s Here to Stay

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In today’s world, where young professionals increasingly move away from their home towns or countries to pursue their chosen careers, families are becoming scattered across states, countries and continents. The scattered nature of the modern family has sparked a trend in travel often referred to as multigenerational travel.

Grandparents may not see their children and grandchildren for months at a time, and getting the family together in one place can turn into a logistical nightmare. The solution, for a growing numbers of families, lies vacationing together.

A survey published by the Preferred Hotels Group found that 40% of travelers had taken a multigenerational trip in the last year. Multigenerational travel, also sometimes referred to as 3G travel, is defined as three generations of family members vacationing together.

It’s the fastest growing trend the travel industry has witnessed in recent years, and because it’s a product of the way we live and work, it’s likely to continue. So how has this trend emerged?

Well, first there is the baby boomer generation (the grandparents) who are healthier and wealthier than ever before. They are mostly retired, so are willing and able to travel, and also often to finance a trip they known their children would not otherwise be able to afford.

Then there are the millennials (the parents) who work longer and longer hours and are always on the go. Constant connectivity means that their jobs eat into their evenings and weekends, encroaching on what should be family time.

The third generation, their children, are equally busy balancing school, sport and extracurricular activities.

It all adds up to families being starved of time together. And the best way to redress the balance is to escape all the everyday pressures and constraints by going on vacation together.

Multigenerational family vacations offer a rare opportunity for grandparents, parents and kids to come together – sometimes from hundreds or thousands of miles apart – on neutral ground. Unlike the traditional family get together, where one family plays host to the others, and guests end up sleeping on sofas, folding beds or inflatable mattresses, multigenerational travel means everybody gets a vacation.

Without the stresses of work or school, people slow down, and as a result communication improves and relationships become less strained. Engaging in activities together – especially experiential activities – can be powerfully bonding and create lasting memories. With grandparents available to help out with childcare, it also means overworked parents can even find a little time to themselves.

Not surprisingly, among North Americans the top destinations for multigenerational trips are the themes parks of Florida for domestic travelers, and Mexico and the Caribbean for international travelers. And, whether at home or abroad, beach vacations are considered the most likely to please all generations.

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