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I'm Molly Thomas, founder of Luxury Cayman Villas, former lawyer, wife, and traveling mom of two amazing kids.

A Passion...

My husband and I love to travel.  The excitement of exploring a new city, country or culture just can’t be beat. We traveled extensively before we had children, studying abroad at the University of Salamanca in Spain, the University of the West Indies in Barbados and at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. These experiences in our young adulthood ignited our passion for exploring new lands and cultures.

Looking at the logistics of getting somewhere suddenly becomes as important, if not more so, than the destination itself.

A traveling family

My husband and I have always been travelers at heart, drawn to the unmatched excitement of exploration. World adventures filled our lives from our studies abroad into the early years of our marriage. Even when our careers kept us busy, travel remained a priority. It seemed natural that, when we decided to have kids, we would not stop traveling. In fact, it was essential to us that we introduce our children to the world.

Let’s be honest, though: traveling with kids is never the stress-free experience you wish it could be. We got very good at the elaborate dance of transporting baby gear (and babies!) across countries and continents. We created itineraries to suit our kids’ unique personalities and tried to make sure we could get to each item on our list with minimal hassle and family “emergencies.” Choosing a destination to visit was the easy part – it was managing the logistics that challenged us!

These are the homes that our traveling family would have been thrilled to find. We hope you will be thrilled, too.

A new definition of luxury

Over time, our idea of “luxury travel” started to change. We agreed that simple luxuries mattered much more to us now: cribs, Pack-n-Plays, ultra-comfortable beds, central locations near stores and dining, and knowing the details were taken care of for us so we could enjoy the “big stuff”: namely, time spent together.

Luxury Cayman Villas was born from this idea. Could we create a portfolio of vacation rental homes that were comfortable and beautiful; centrally located yet private? Could we provides spaces where kids would not just be accepted, but actively welcomed (after all, it’s their vacation, too) and where grandma and grandpa would feel equally at home?

At Luxury Cayman Villas, we think we have achieved our goal. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to design spaces to help other frazzled families reconnect in well-organized, design-forward homes where all the details are taken care of for you.  These are the homes that our traveling family would have been thrilled to find. We hope you will be thrilled, too.

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